About Us

Today, most organisations still produce and publish almost all their information in Word & PDF format.

But customers don’t want long downloads that are difficult to search.

And staff don’t want to waste valuable time looking for  information they need.

People want information online, on mobile & on demand.

Until now, there has been no fast and accurate way to convert documents to enriched web pages -at scale.


Introducing WordFlow

The cloud-based service that automatically transforms your documents to dynamic, enriched web pages

Our Values



We are committed to finding the best, most creative solutions. We work with any platform.


We treat our customers as part of our team, and we succeed together.


We are relentless in delivering tangible value to our customers, on time and on budget.


Bruce Wren

Chief Executive Officer

An experienced entrepreneur keenly interested in commercialising cuting-edge technological innovation, Bruce is a leader with extensive strategic experience. He has been involved in the enterprise software market for over 25 years. Bruce founded Wordflow (formerly known as Swipe) after 15 years in the content management business. His vision was to create an organisation that was dedicated to helping organisations manage their information in a web and mobile world.

Previously, Bruce was Chairman of EpiServer Asia. He holds an MBA from Macquarie University.

Caroline Trotman

COO and Co-Founder

Caroline leads our operations and marketing functions. She has an extensive background in services marketing and business development in IT, education, government, and professional services. Prior to founding Wordflow, Caroline was Deputy Vice Chancellor at Macquarie University, and Global Director Marketing Government for Accenture. Caroline saw first-hand the challenges information rich organisations face getting their critical business information online and mobile, and joined forces with Bruce Wren to solve this problem.

Caroline holds a Bachelor of Arts – University of Canberra, and an MBA from Macquarie University.

Davi Rodrigues

Head of Development

Davi Rodrigues leads the WordFlow Development team. He is instrumental in designing our technology roadmap. Davi brings to our leadership expertise in planning, resourcing, and guiding the implementation of the WordFlow technology vision.